Japan Ecosystem

The Japan Ecosystem is a specialized initiative by Modobom aimed at supporting Japanese expatriates and businesses in Vietnam. This ecosystem is designed to provide comprehensive services tailored to the unique needs of the Japanese community, helping them integrate seamlessly into Vietnamese society.


Modobom has successfully launched several platforms under the Japan Ecosystem to cater specifically to the Japanese community in Vietnam

1. Betonamuhouritsu

Purpose: This platform offers legal consultation services to Japanese expatriates and businesses. It provides essential information and guidance on Vietnamese laws and regulations, ensuring that Japanese individuals and companies can navigate the legal landscape with confidence.


  • Detailed articles on Vietnamese legal procedures.
  • Consultation services with legal experts who are fluent in Japanese.
  • Updates on legal changes and implications for expatriates and businesses.

Impact: Betonamuhouritsu has become a trusted resource for legal advice, helping many Japanese expatriates and businesses avoid legal pitfalls and operate smoothly in Vietnam.

2. Betonamuryori

Purpose: This platform focuses on the culinary interests of the Japanese community. It provides information on Vietnamese cuisine, restaurant recommendations, and recipes, promoting cultural exchange through food.


  • Comprehensive guides on Vietnamese culinary traditions.
  • Reviews and recommendations of restaurants serving authentic Vietnamese dishes.
  • Recipes and cooking tips for Japanese expatriates interested in Vietnamese cuisine.

Impact: Betonamuryori has enriched the cultural experience of Japanese expatriates by helping them explore and appreciate Vietnamese cuisine. It has also served as a bridge, fostering better understanding and appreciation between the two cultures.

3. Betonamu Business Support

Purpose: This upcoming platform aims to provide business-related support to Japanese companies operating in Vietnam. It will offer market insights, business networking opportunities, and advice on local business practices.


  • Market analysis and reports tailored to Japanese businesses.
  • Networking events and forums for Japanese business professionals.
  • Consultancy services on Vietnamese business practices and strategies.

Impact: Once launched, Betonamu Business Support is expected to enhance the business success of Japanese companies in Vietnam by providing valuable resources and connections.


The Japan Ecosystem by Modobom represents a significant achievement in supporting the Japanese community in Vietnam. Through platforms like Betonamuhouritsu and Betonamuryori, Modobom has created valuable resources that address the specific needs of Japanese expatriates and businesses. This initiative not only facilitates their integration into Vietnamese society but also promotes cultural exchange and mutual understanding. As Modobom continues to expand the Japan Ecosystem, it aims to further strengthen the support network for Japanese individuals and enterprises in Vietnam.

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