VNISocial Ecosystem Development


The VNISocial ecosystem is a comprehensive support system designed specifically for foreigners living and working in Vietnam. It encompasses various services aimed at facilitating the integration of expatriates into Vietnamese society, ensuring they have access to all necessary resources and information.


Platform Development: VNISocial successfully developed and launched several specialized platforms to address the diverse needs of expatriates.

These platforms include

  • VNISocial: The main hub providing a wide range of services and information for expatriates.
  • VNITourist: Focused on travel assistance, offering information about tourist attractions, events, travel tips, and booking services. It also provides translation services to enhance the travel experience.
  • VNIHouses: Specializes in real estate services, helping expatriates find suitable housing options, including buying, selling, and renting properties. It offers expert advice to ensure smooth and secure transactions.
  • VNIFood: Introduces the rich and diverse culinary landscape of Vietnam. It provides detailed information about restaurants, local dishes, and cooking recipes, helping foreigners explore and enjoy Vietnamese cuisine.
  • VNICoffee: Highlights the unique coffee culture of Vietnam. This platform provides insights into the best coffee shops, different coffee types, and brewing methods, promoting the Vietnamese coffee experience to expatriates and tourists.

Community Impact

  • Legal Support: Provided legal consultation and services to expatriates, helping them understand and navigate Vietnamese laws. This support has been crucial in helping over 500 expatriates settle smoothly in Vietnam.
  • Housing Services: Assisted expatriates in finding housing, whether for short-term stays or permanent relocation. VNIHouses has facilitated numerous successful real estate transactions, ensuring that expatriates find comfortable and suitable living arrangements.
  • Cultural Integration: Through VNIFood and VNICoffee, expatriates have been introduced to the local cuisine and coffee culture, enriching their living experiences in Vietnam. These platforms have organized culinary tours and events, showcasing the richness of Vietnamese culture and fostering a sense of community among expatriates.
  • Travel Assistance: VNITourist has enhanced the travel experience for many expatriates and tourists by providing comprehensive travel guides, booking services, and on-ground support, making it easier for them to explore Vietnam.

User Engagement

  • Interactive Platforms: All VNISocial platforms are designed to be user-friendly and interactive, allowing expatriates to access information easily and engage with the community. The platforms feature user-generated content, reviews, and forums where expatriates can share their experiences and advice.
  • Resource Availability: The ecosystem ensures that all necessary resources and information are available in multiple languages, including English, Japanese, and Vietnamese, catering to a diverse expatriate population.


The development and launch of the VNISocial ecosystem have significantly enhanced the support system for expatriates in Vietnam. By providing comprehensive services across various platforms, VNISocial has made it easier for foreigners to integrate into Vietnamese society, access essential services, and enjoy their stay in the country. This achievement underscores Modobom’s commitment to delivering high-quality, user-centric solutions that meet the needs of its diverse clientele.

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